The Unlock and Load Update was an update the reworked the tutorial, added an assault course, buffed and nerfed mercs, implements Second Edition Loadout Cards and kicked off the Case-A-Day May event.

Culprit Cards Released Edit

Unlock and Load - Proxy Culprit Card and Culprit Obsidian Card

The games lore was updated based off the results of the Rogue en Vogue. Proxy was found to be the culprit and has received to new skins + a new in-game model. The new loadout cards include 'Culprit Obsidian' and 'Culprit'.

Free Aimee Detective Loadout Edit

Unlock and Load - Aimee Detective Loadout

Users that logged-in during May 19th to May 23rd recvied a free Aimee 'Detective' Card.

Aimee Detective Card Giveaway Duration Edit

  • London (BST, UTC+1): 18:00 Thursday, May 19 - 18:00 Monday, May 23
  • Los Angeles (PDT, UTC-7): 10:00 AM Thursday, May 19 - 10:00 AM Monday, May 23
  • Sydney (AEST, UTC+10): 3:00 AM Friday, May 20 - 3:00 AM Tuesday, May 24

Case-A-Day May Event Edit

Unlock and Load - Case-A-Day May

Case-A-Day May is an event that offers players a chance to get a free Combined Expert Cases each day during May 19, 2016 to May 30, 2016. Combined Expert Cases contains all possible drops from all the expert cases, but combined.

Second Edition Loadout Cards Edit

Unlock and Load - Second Edition Loadout Cards

Splash Damage attemped to balance the loadout cards by introducing 'Second Edition Loadotu Cards'. These cards remove less-used augments and helped to round out the pool of loadout cards for all playable mercs.

The goal of Second Edition is to make every card more balanced in terms of desirability and gameplay impact. We've kept the weapon and Augment combos of popular cards, and replaced lesser used cards with ones that have traits players have preferred over the course of Open Beta. By iterating with members of the community in our Private Test Server, we've settled on a set that we hope will breathe some fresh air into our card spinners.

–From patch notes.

Originally revealed Second Edition Loadout cardss via popular DB YouTubers:

Favorites Edit

Unlock and Load - Favorites

'Favorite' loadouts were also added in the patch allowing users to favorite loadouts they like and uses the most. The goal is to help improve loadout card selection during the lobby and barrack selection screens and avoid users trading-up cards by accident.

Refreshed Tutorial Edit

Unlock and Load - Refreshed Tutorial
New players' first experience of Dirty Bomb has been fine tuned, starting with a refreshed tutorial. We've removed some of the 'tutorialisms' unnecessary for PC shooter players, and added extra sections to expand on the core mechanics and key details that set Dirty Bomb apart from the crowd.

–From patch notes.

Assault Course Edit

Unlock and Load - Assualt Course
The new Assault Course is designed to give both new and experienced players a space to improve their speed and accuracy. The first run, unlocked after a player's first match, teaches the basics of wall jumping and long jumping. After completing it once, you can return at any time to take on the clock, destroying enemy dummies and throwing ammo packs to friendlies. Can you race through the course fast enough to hit the Cobalt rating?

–From patch notes.

Scores levels Edit

  • Cobalt: 1450
  • Gold: 1150
  • Silve: 700
  • Bronze: 300

Arsenal Crates Edit

Unlock and Load - Arsenal Crates

Once players reach level 7 they will begin unlocking 'Arsenal Crates' after leveling. These crates drop better cases, boosters and bundles of regular cases. Once users pass level 10 leveling takes 400,000 xp so gaining more cases the higher you level should not be 'harder':

Don't worry about each Arsenal Crate taking longer and longer to obtain as you Level Up. In Dirty Bomb, each Level past Level 10 requires the same amount of XP to reach, whether it's Level 10 to 11, Level 25 to 26 or Level 999 to 1,000.


Unlock and Load - Arsenal Crates RNG
Contents Drop Rate
1h Credit Booster 23.0%
Expert Case A, B or C 21.0%
5x Equipment Cases 17.5%
3h Credit Booster 11.5%
10x Equipment Cases 9.0%
Elite Case A or B 7.0%
6h Credit Booster 6.0%
12h Credit Booster 3.0%
18h Credit Booster 2.0%

Balances Edit

Thunder Edit

  • Increased health to 170hp (from 160hp)
  • Reduced Concussion Grenade fuse time to 1.0s (from 1.2s)
  • Blinded players will now correctly have HUD elements (like enemy indicators) hidden
  • Blinded players now cover their face with their hand in third-person (before this applied to Concussion, not blinding)
  • Concussion Grenades now reduce movement speed for a minimum of 2.5s and a maximum of 6.0s
  • Concussion movement reduction effects now also apply to jumping height
  • Removed EMP effect from Concussion Grenades

Phantom Edit

  • Added an EMP field to Refractive Armor, which disables nearby (~10m) enemy deployables while cloaked
    • Enemy deployables remain disabled for 5s after leaving the EMP field
  • Increased Refractive Armor duration by ~10%

Fletcher Edit

  • Reduced Sticky Bombs radial damage to 85 (from 100)
  • Increased Sticky Bomb maximum damage radius to 4.16m (from 3.84m)
  • When detonated, Sticky Bombs now deal an additional 15 damage if stuck directly to an enemy

Fragger Edit

  • Reduced health to 140hp (from 150hp)

Bushwhacker Edit

  • Reduced Turret set-up duration to 1.6s (from 2.0s)

Proxy Edit

  • Sped up Proximity Mine throw anim/time to 0.67s (from 0.8s)

Sparks Edit

  • Sped up Health Pack throwing time to 0.63s (from 0.76s)

Sawbonez Edit

  • Sped up Health Pack throwing time to 0.63s (from 0.76s)

Augments Edit

Quick Charge
10% increase to round charge rate (reduced from 15%)
Reduces the delay until health regen starts by 66% (increased from 33%)
Reduces the damage you take from explosives by 15% (reduced from 20%)
10% increase to ability duration (reduced from 20%)
Quick Slash
Increases attack speed and charge time by 15% (reduced from 25%)

Other Edit

User Interface Edit

  • Players with less than 50% Health will now appear to Medics as needing healing (this used to be 40hp or less)
  • Estimated Queue times are now always shown in Ranked, even when specific maps are selected
  • Added a warning stating that selecting specific maps may increase Queue times in Ranked
  • Added a 'bonus credits' icon to Ranked mode in the Play menu

Audio Edit

  • Added audio for Long Jumps and Wall Jumps
  • Added audio for climbing ladders
  • Turning around on the spot no longer generates footstep audio
  • Jumping on the spot will now generate landing audio
  • Continued V-Bear reverb improvements for all weapons

Notable Bug Fixes Edit

  • Fixed bug where Molotov flames would sometimes not correctly spawn when thrown at certain objects/geometry (see the changeshere)
  • Fixed bug where C4 timers could count towards objective progression for Stopwatch win/tie rules
  • Fixed bug where Heartbeat Sensors, Healing Stations and Ammo Stations did not have a deployable icon visible to their owners
  • Fixed bug where players could block Phoenix's Healing Pulse
  • Fixed bug where abilities from recently dead players could damage their team's EV
  • Fixed bug where Fletcher could be left holding Sticky Bombs after detonating them using Quick Ability keys
  • Fixed bug where certain characters in player names could break objective notifications
  • Fixed bug where there was a missing explosion sound on Bridge
  • Fixed bug where reloading would cut-off firing audio
  • Fixed bug where the Classic Team HUD could overlap with the Objective UI
  • Fixed bug where Secondary Fire would appear unbound in the User Profile
  • Fixed bug where Toggle Use option was not correctly displaying in the User Profile
  • Fixed bug where incapacitated players would display Ammo-needed HUD icons
  • Fixed bug where the Execution Badge was not appearing on the Profile screen
  • Fixed bug where players could potentially receive Ammo from enemy Ammo Stations at infinite distance
  • Fixed bug where Ammo given to enemy players would contribute to Ammo Badges
  • Fixed bug where the Spotter Augment would not increase the SNITCH detection radius
  • Fixed bug where Guardian Angel Augment warnings would sometimes not be heard for Orbital Lasers
  • Fixed bug where Flying Pig Augment would not fully increase the Long Jump distance by 10%
  • Fixed bug where Explodydendron Augment was not visually scaling up Orbital Lasers and Artillery Strikes
  • Fixed bug where players could not gib themselves with their own explosive damage
  • Fixed bug where Map Restart countdown text was not appearing when a Map Restart Vote is passed
  • Fixed bug where dropping a Carryable Objective next to an Ammo Cache could prevent it from being picked up again
  • Fixed bug where Bolt-action Sniper Rifles would automatically reload even when the option was disabled
  • Fixed bug where player position could be de-synced on the server after they had been pushed by explosive damage
  • Fixed bug where Skyhammer's eyes would not be drawn on low graphics settings
  • Fixed bug where the Fragger's Iron Loadout Card skin appeared identical for enemies and friendlies
  • Fixed bug where killing revived players on low health still rewarded 100% Kill XP

References Edit

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