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Overground is an Execution map. Attacking teams must destroy the one of the two pylons within the allowed time-limit.

Overview Edit

Train tracks, train tracks, everywhere. Forgotten long before the evacuation of London, the CDA have granted a new lease of life to this husk of British industry. A dusty, brick-strewn life, sure, but housing two precious pylons that help to power a modern marvel of technology counts for something, right? [1]

Mission Edit

Engineers can plant/defuse bombs and generators faster. Cover your engineers while they perform these actions.

Destroy one of the Pylons Edit

Secondary Objectives Edit


Tips & Tricks Edit

  • You can practice Overground in offline mode by loading it via the console with "switchlevel EXE_Overground".
    • The console is opened by using the ~ (tilda) key.

Trivia Edit

  • Overground was released as part of the Containment War update, alongside the release of the Dome and Market map.
  • As part of The Classy Art Hole Update (July 7th, 2016) Overground received a graphical pass improving it's visuals and performance.
  • At EGX 2016 it was revealed by Neil Alphonso (lead game designer for Dirty Bomb) that the center piece of Overground, the Ye Olde Cock, was loosely based off his favorite brewery in London. This brewery in question may be the "Ye Olde Cock Tavern at 22 Fleet Street, Holborn, London, EC4Y 1AA". [2]

References Edit

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