Nexon Co. Ltd.[1] is originally a Seoul, South Korea game publisher which is headquarter in Tokyo, Japan. Nexon has many divisions including Nexon Korea, Nexon Japan, Nexon America and Nexon Europe. Nexon has published nearly 40 games, including Dirty Bomb. As of February 2017 Nexon is no longer the publish of Dirty Bomb, Splash Damage re-acquired the rights to Dirty Bomb.

History Edit

Originally founded in 1994 by Kim Jung Ju & Jake Song, Nexon aimed to change the game publishing world by embracing the free-to-play game model. Their first of many successes was MapleStory. Nexon pride's its self with its free-to-play model, stating:

[Nexon] also pioneered the Item Selling (microtransaction) business model, thus giving our userscomplete access to all of our games for free, with the option to expand their gaming experience by purchasing game enhancements (virtual items) such as avatar customizations and pets. What we did, in essence, was revolutionize the online gaming industry by dispelling the notion that online games are only being played by a marginal group of hardcore gamers. We proved that online games are a progressive, mainstream form of entertainment to be enjoyed by everyone clear across the demographic spectrum.

–About Nexon[1]

In 2015 Nexon singed a deal with Splash Damage to publish Dirty Bomb in North America, via Nexon North America and Steam. Nexon's agreement is to provide servers for Dirty Bomb while Splash Damage retains all creative rights and ownership over Dirty Bomb.

Games Published Edit

Nexon Korea, Nexon Japan, Nexon America and Nexon Europe have published a wide variety of games. Some of the most known Nexon published games are:

  • MapleStory (2003)
  • Sudden Attack (2004)
  • Vindictus (2010)
  • Combat Arms
  • Dirty Bomb (2014 - February 2017)
  • Lawbreaker (2017 - now)

References Edit

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