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Gallery an Execution map that came with the Classy Art Hole Update. Attacking teams must destroy the one of the two pylons within the allowed time-limit.

Overview Edit

Set in the fading splendor of London's South Bank, the retired Gallery is no longer the bustling jewel in the capital's crown, now acting as a base for the CDA at the foot of their Containment shield. The austere concrete haven's now been hit by a savage Jackal attack, whose Mercs have set about putting the brutal in brutalism.

Mission Edit

Engineers can plant/defuse bombs and generators faster. Cover your engineers while they perform these actions.

Destroy one of the Pylons Edit

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Key Areas Edit

Smokehouse Edit

Gallery Edit

Skatepark Edit

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • You can practice Gallery in offline mode by loading it via the console with "switchlevel EXE_Gallery".
    • The console is opened by using the ~ (tilda) key.

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