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Augments are are modifications found on Loadout Cards that can be applied to specific Mercenaries to give them a boost in combat. Here, you'll find a list of the types of augments found in the current build, including a transcript of their listed effect.

Some Augments are unique to certain roles (i.e. Medic), while others are unique to the abilities of either one or more specific Mercs (I.e. "Spotter" is only found in Loadouts for Aimee and Vassili, while "Extender" is only found on Turtle and Guardian).

Badge Description Mercs
Ammo Reach.png Ammo Reach 25% increase to ammo station radius. Javelin
Armour Piercing.png Armour Piercing Bullets do 15% more damage to the EV. TBA
Big Ears.png Big Ears Enemy footsteps and other appropriate noises are 50% louder. Kira, Phoenix, Vassili, Redeye
Bigger Blast.png Bigger Blast 10% increase to blast radius to AoE weapons. Nader, Javelin
Bomb Squad.png Bomb Squad Makes enemy deployables, such as Proxmity Mines, more visible. Kira, Phoenix, Vassili, Phantom
Chopper.png Chopper 15% increase to melee damage. Arty, Aura, Bushwhacker, Fragger, Kira, Nader, Phoenix, Proxy, Rhino, Sawbonez, Skyhammer, Thunder, Phantom
Cool.png Cool Doubles the time it takes Mounted MGs to overheat. Arty, Aura, Bushwhacker, Fragger, Kira, Nader, Phoenix, Proxy, Rhino, Sawbonez, Skyhammer, Thunder
Double Time.png Double Time Allows you to reload whilst sprinting. Aura, Fragger,Guardian, Nader, Proxy
Drilled.png Drilled 20% reduction to reload time. Arty, Aura, Bushwhacker, Fragger, Guardian, Kira, Nader, Phantom, Phoenix, Proxy, Redeye, Rhino, Sawbonez, Skyhammer, Thunder
Enigma.png Enigma Reduced duration of being spotted by 60%. Aura, Fragger, Nader, Phantom, Proxy
Explodydendron.png Explodydendron 10% increase to blast radius of AoE abilities. Arty, Fragger, Kira, Skyhammer, Thunder
Extra Ammo.png Extra Ammo Increase the max number of ammo packs by one. Arty, Skyhammer
Extra Supplies.png Extra Supplies 20% cooldown reduction to support abilities. Arty, Aura, Guardian, Kira, Phoenix, Sawbonez, Skyhammer
Extender.png Extender Extends the size of the shield by 25% on Turtle and 20% on Guardian. Turtle, Guardian
Fail Safe.png Fail Safe Reduces the effect taken from your own explosives by 30%. Arty, Fletcher, Fragger, Nader, Proxy, Skyhammer
Flying Pig.png Flying Pig Increases Long Jump distance by 10% and removes falling damage. Aura, Proxy, Fragger, Nader, Phantom
Focus.png Focus Reduces Flinching when hit while iron sighting or scoped by 30%. Arty, Bushwhacker, Fragger, Guardian, Nader, Rhino, Sawbonez, Thunder, Vassili
Get Up.png Get up 30% increase to health given on revive. Aura,Guardian, Phoenix, Sawbonez, Sparks
Guardian Angel.png Guardian Angel Receive an audio warning whenever a nearby enemy air support is a danger to you and 20% reduced damage from air support abilities. Bushwhacker, Proxy, Rhino, Skyhammer, Vassili
Healing Reach.png Healing Reach 15% increase to size of healing radius. Aura, Phoenix
Ice Cold.png Ice Cold 40% increase in time until overheating. Rhino
Lock on.png Lock on Turrets, Mines, and other automated defences react 30% more quickly. Bushwhacker, Fletcher, Proxy
Looter.png Looter Killing an enemy Fire Support Merc will drop a small Ammo Pack, killing an enemy Medic will drop a small Health Pack. Bushwhacker, Proxy, Rhino, Skyhammer, Vassili, Thunder
Mechanic.png Mechanic Improves any repair tools and disarm rates by 20%. Kira, Phoenix, Sawbonez, Skyhammer
Nitros.png Nitros 50% increase to barrel acceleration. Rhino
Pineapple Juggler.png Pineapple Juggler Allows you to melee hit back mid-air grenades and other projectiles. BushWhacker, Proxy, Rhino, Sawbonez,Skyhammer
Potent Packs.png Potent Packs 20% increase to health regen rate given by healing abilities. Aura, Phoenix, Sawbonez, Sparks
Quick Draw.png Quick Draw 30% faster weapon/item switching. Arty, Aura, BushWhacker, Fragger, Guardian, Kira, Nader, Phoenix, Proxy, Rhino, Sawbonez, Skyhammer, Thunder
Quick Charge.png Quick Charge 10% increase to round charge rate. Sparks
Quick Eye.png Quick Eye 35% faster movement speed and raise/lower times when Iron Sighting. Aura, Guardian, Nader, Proxy
Quick Slash.png Quick Slash Increases melee slash speed by 15%. BushWhacker, Proxy, Rhino, Skyhammer, Vassili
Recharge.png Recharge 10% reduction to ability cooldown. Javelin, Guardian
Sneaky.png Sneaky Reduces the amount of sound you generate when running by 50%. Aura, Fragger, Nader
Spares.png Spares Increases the maximum number of magazines that can be carried by 1. BushWhacker, Fragger, Guardian, Nader, Rhino Sawbonez, Thunder, Vassili
Spotter.png Spotter 20% increase to the detection radius. Aimee, Vassili
Springy.png Springy Reduces jumping and Long Jump penalties by 35%. Aura, Fragger, Nader, Proxy
Steady.png Steady 22% Increase to deployables health. Bushwhacker, Guardian,
Unknown.png Throwing Knife* Replaces your melee weapon with a throwing knife. (Removed from the game during the Nader update and replaced with the Quick Slash augment) Proxy, Skyhammer, Vassili
Tough.png Tough Reduces the delay untill health regen starts by 66%. Arty, Bushwhacker, Fragger, Nader, Rhino, Sawbonez, Thunder
Try Hard.png Try Hard Gain 10HP for each death you suffer without getting a kill, up to a maximum of 30HP. Bushwhacker, Proxy, Rhino, Skyhammer
Undercover.png Undercover 10% increase to ability duration. Phantom
Unshakeable.png Unshakeable Reduces the damage you take from explosives by 15%. Arty, Fragger, Guardian, Sawbonez, Vassili, Bushwhacker, Nader, Rhino, Thunder
Untrackable.png Untrackable Turrets, Mines and other automated defenses react 35% more slowly to your presence. Vassili, Kira, Phantom, Phoenix


The following are augments that exist in the game files but are not used in the game.

Badge Description Mercs
Blitz.png Blitz N/A N/A
Capper.png Capper N/A N/A
Escort.png Escort N/A N/A