New Infobox for mercs

As part of Wiki'a initiative to make Infobox's more responsive for mobile devices, the InfoboxMercProfile template has been updated to reflect the new code created by Wikia as well as changes to the template's arguments.


  • New Portable Infoboxes code.
  • The |title= argument has been removed in favor of just |name=.
  • The |type= argument has been added to represents the mercs' primary purpose (ex. Objective Specialist, Medic, Recon, etc...).
  • The |cost= argument has been added to represent the current price of the merc with in-game credits (ex. 30,000, 50,000, etc..).

You can learn more on the doc page for the template.

If you believe another argument should be added or something seems wrong with the current template feel free to discuss it here.